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15.01.2014 - EU championship 2014 - candidates tournament


               January 12rh 2014

Dear chessfriends,

Following the decision taken in Crakow during the ICCF Congress 2013, the Candidates‘ Tournament of the European Championship 2014 will start on 15th March 2014 and played on the ICCF Server. The winner and runner-up of a Candidates section are entitled to one start in the Final.

Each section will normally consist of 13 players, but the Tournament Organiser shall have the power to change the number of players to 11, 15 or 17.

The following players have the right to participate in the European Championship Candidates :

(a) a player rated 2500 or over at the time of application.

(b) the holders of the Grandmaster Title.

(c) the holders of the Senior International Master Title with a rating over 2400 at the time of application.

(d) the holders of the International Master Title with a rating over 2450 at the time of application.

(e) those participants of EU/SF 68 and 69 who achieved at least 55% scores (unless they already hold qualification under any of (a) to (d) above).

(f) the participants of previous or running Finals who have scored at least 45% of the possible points, if they have not earned a higher qualification.


The ICCF European Championship is reserved to those players from European countries. Players may enter in the usual way through their National Federations or, where eligible, via the ICCF Direct Entry system. Players from countries not members of ICCF may submit entries only via the ICCF Direct Entry system.

Entries via National Federations should contain player’s name, E-mail address, ICCF ID and should be not later than 20 February 2014

It is also mandatory that the qualification right should be specified for each entry!

The ICCF Executive Board asks that all ICCF Delegates ensure that this important information is made available in all national CC magazines and websites. It is the responsibilty of Delegates to ensure that all players are made aware of these arrangements!

Amici sumus!

Marco Caressa Zonal Director for Europe


Pour vous inscrire contacter Markus Homske