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L’Association des Joueurs d’Échecs par Correspondance est affiliée 
à l’International Correspondence Chess Federation.


International Correspondence Chess Federation
  1. In celebration of its 50-year anniversary the CXEB is organizing an International Open Tournament.
  2. According to the ICCF Tournament Rules, the following 13 teams qualified for the Final of 21st Olympiad from the Preliminaries of 21st Olympiad and the Final of 20th Olympiad:
  3. On behalf of the ICCF, I’m pleased to announce the 22nd Correspondence Chess Olympiad.
  4. - last call - entries until 2019-09-30!
  5. have started
  6. Final Call
  7. Special event
  8. Last call for registration! The deadline is the 10th of September.
  9. Tournament Directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal tournaments.
  10. The results of the voting for each Congress proposal at the 2019 ICCF Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania are listed below.